About Us


Hi, I'm Laura Reed, the heart and hands behind Laura Maureen Designs.  I am pastor's wife and mother of 3 and lover of all things vintage.  When I'm not creating or chasing littles, you can find me thrifting with coffee in hand.

Laura Maureen Designs was born out of my love for vintage. I kept finding these beautiful hammered aluminum trays with wonderful floral designs. I couldn't resist them but quickly reached my limit on what I could use and collect. Then I got the idea to cut states and other shapes out of them to make necklaces.

I'm equally inspired by the shapes and compositions of contemporary statement earrings AND the beautiful patterns, colors, and designs of vintage biscuit and tea tins. I love the mix of old and new.

I always get asked how I can cut up such treasures? The vintage tins and trays are aIl so beautiful on their own that I truly feel such a responsibility to turn them into something equally as beautiful that more people can enjoy.

I love the idea of taking something with past life and story and function and creating something completely different with a new purpose, ready for a new story.